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2011 – Number 33

New Perspectives on Regional Development

Guest-edited by
Sandy DALL’ERBA, Jaewon LIM, Daoqin TONG, David PLANE

Sandy DALL’ERBA, Jaewon LIM, Daoqin TONG, David PLANE, Introduction

Sudhir K. THAKUR, Fundamental economic structure and structural change in regional economies: a methodological approach

Florence BOUVET, What does greater economic integration mean for interregional income inequality? An analysis of OECD countries and regions

Pierre-Marcel DESJARDINS, Regional disparities in Canada: interprovincial or urban/rural?

Luisa GAGLIARDI and Marco PERCOCO, Regional disparities in Italy over the long run: the role of human capital and trade policy

Maribel ELIAS and Sergio J. REY, Educational performance and spatial convergence in Peru

Bumsoo LEE and Peter GORDON, Urban structure: its role in urban growth, Net new business formation and industrial churn

Gebremeskel H. GEBREMARIAM, Tesfa G. GEBREMEDHIN, Peter V. SCHAEFFER, Randall W. JACKSON and Tim T. PHIPPS, A spatial model of regional variations in employment growth in Appalachia

Andi IRAWAN, The geographic distribution of Indonesia’s East Java manufacturing industries

Shaoming CHENG and Peter V. SCHAEFFER, Evaluation without bias: a methodological perspective on performance measures for business incubators


Marc-Hubert DEPRET and Abdelillah HAMDOUCH, Multiscalar Clusters and Networks as the Foundations of Innovation Dynamics in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Review Essay

Abdelillah HAMDOUCH, Investigating Cluster Emergence and Evolution Dynamics

Comptes rendus

Rémy Tremblay et Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay (dir.), La classe créative selon Richard Florida – Un paradigme urbain plausible ? (par Maurice Catin)

Emmanuel Muller, Jean-Alain Héraud, Francis Gosselin (éds.), Regards croisés sur la culture d’innovation et la créativité en Alsace (par Christian Le Bas)

Annie Vinokur et Carole Sigman (dir.), L’enseignement supérieur entre nouvelle gestion publique et crise systémique (par Jean-Claude Verez)