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Requirements for Submission

The Journal Région et Développement publishes original papers, notes, documents and reviews in English or in French. To submit a paper for publication, the author should address the editorial board of the review either an electronic submission or two wordprocessed copies. The presentation of chapters, of bibliographical references, of graphs, tables or footnotes must comply with the style-sheet of the review (available below). The articles should be accompanied by an abstract in French and in English of about ten lines, by the corresponding key-words and the JEL classification. The name of the author, the institution he or she belongs to and the complete address should be indicated on the cover page.

Each article submitted to the review Région et Développement is first assessed by the scientific committee before being reviewed by one or two anonymous referees. The author receives the anonymous referee’s report for publication, revision or rejection.

After a favourable agreement for publication by the Reading Committee, the author will be requested to e-mail a copy in Word (including diagrams, tables and mathematical formulae compatible with Word 2010).

Submissions of articles should be addressed to the Director of the review Région et Développement :

Maurice Catin
Revue Région et Développement
Université de Toulon
Faculté de Sciences Economiques et de Gestion
Avenue Roger Decouvoux – 83000 Toulon – France
Email :